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Lightweight Builders Blanket Insulation R1.8 With Foil 15M Long - 18 Sqm Coverage

Lightweight Builders Blanket Insulation R1.8 With Foil 15M Long - 18 Sqm Coverage

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If you're in the process of building a new home or giving your place a major makeover with a shiny new steel roof, think about levelling up your roof game with Anticon. It'll make your home cozier and keep it in tip-top shape.

See, your fancy new steel roof isn't just about appearances; it's your shield against the elements, and it's a crucial part of your home's structure. For the absolute best performance out of that metal marvel, Bradford suggests going the extra mile and adding more roof insulation. This will not only lower the chances of annoying condensation but will also crank up your roof's soundproofing and heat-saving abilities. Plus, it'll make your roof more fire-resistant – pretty sweet, right?

Bradford Anticon is the go-to for this job. It's specially designed to rock the thermal insulation, noise reduction, and condensation control game for metal roofs. What's it made of, you ask? Well, it's got a glasswool blanket with foil facing. That combo not only keeps your house cooler in the scorching summer but also helps ward off that wintertime condensation. And here's a bonus: it can hush up those noisy raindrops by up to 13dB. So, get that Anticon and give your metal roof the upgrade it deserves! 🏡🔥😄