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Quad Hi-Front 115mm Gutter External Cast Corner 90 Degree Painted

Quad Hi-Front 115mm Gutter External Cast Corner 90 Degree Painted

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Product Details

These little doohickeys are used to connect two corners of your quad gutter when it hits an outside corner. Perfect fit for the Lysaght 115mm Quad Gutter.

Tough and Long-Lasting
The COLORBOND® Quad 115 Gutter Cast Angle is built like a tank, using top-notch materials to give your gutter a solid, long-lasting solution. It's got a 90º external angle, so it's like a puzzle piece that connects two gutter sections at a right angle, making sure water flows smoothly from your roof to your downpipes.

Say Goodbye to Water Troubles
Gutters are the unsung heroes protecting your home from water damage. The COLORBOND® Quad 115 Gutter Cast Angle is your trusty sidekick, stopping water from sneaking in and messing up your crib. It's rust-resistant, so it won't bail on you, and it's in it for the long haul, keeping your home safe.

No Sweat Installation
Installing the COLORBOND® Quad 115 Gutter Cast Angle is a piece of cake. You don't need any fancy tools or skills – it's user-friendly. So you can slap it on, connect your gutters, and get back to your day. The end result? Your gutters look pro and are tougher than a bulldog in a bone fight, giving your home maximum protection and staying power.